Pretty Package or Earth Friendly? Can we have both?


Where do we start?

There are so many things we think about as a business - not just what our product is, but...

how are we going to market it?

package it?

do we use bubble wrap? tissue paper? newspaper?

buy new? recycle?

it has to be cute right?


Fresh and appealing?

This is a little dilemma all business owners contemplate over and over when starting. We have to ensure our products arrive safe and undamaged. That is our #1 goal! How do we do this?

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I have went back and forth on this subject. Do I buy all new packaging and make it attractive, appealing and use good marketing? Or do I sacrifice some of the appeal for a more earth conscientious package? I mean, can we do both? I can purchase Eco-friendly packaging that is attractive - but more costs drive up prices. This is a business right? We still have to eat and turn on a light or two.

We have all binge watched unpacking or unboxing videos right? The boxes lined with tissue paper, closed by a cute sticker, a package within a package... This is where my dilemma started. When I receive my product, it comes in a big box and it all just covered in bubble wrap. I used to rip into these little packages of joy like I did at my grandma's house on Christmas. I may even still wear feety pajamas when I do it...that answer I will take to my grave! Ultimately, all this back and forth has solidified my decision.

My packaging, may not be the cutest, it may not be very marketable for viral unboxing videos and it even may look a little weird sometimes... BUT, it will reduce my carbon footprint. I made the decision to reuse the bubble wrap from all of my suppliers... it takes away from the Christmas-like-ripping-open-with-joy factor.. but that's okay! The real joy is seeing the beautiful items I get to pass along to you!

So when you make an order with me, please know, you may receive a box, with just bubble wrapped items - no cute marketing, no cute tissue paper and maybe some wonky looking wrap jobs - but the bottom line is - I don't have to purchase new packaging so I get to recycle at the source, and the plastics are recyclable for you too! I don't have to add the extra costs of shipping materials into my overall business plan that drive up prices demand for packaging products (more demand = more production).

What I can promise is that every item you receive was carefully and lovingly handpicked. It was packaged with love and imagined joy of what you'll say when you rip it open and we honestly appreciate every single one of you!

Be Blessed!

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